Baby Ohm, May 11th (Saturday) 11:15-12:15 PM followed by refreshments.

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Mommy and Me/Daddy and Me Yoga!   The Baby Ohm workshop is open to Moms and/or Dads and their babies as well as expectant mothers.  Workshop will last 1 hour from 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM

Saturday, May 11th.  We will focus on yoga poses for you and your baby.  Light refreshments will be served after. 

Time:  11:15 AM

Instructors:  Maryann and Lisa

Cost:  $30 pre-registered  $35 at the door, cost covers 1 parent and 1 baby

Age:  3 months to 24 months

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get set up.  

Oils and Reiki, June 9th Sunday 1:00-3:00 PM


Oils and Reiki Workshop with Michelle and Tina

In this two hour workshop, we will Restore and Heal the mind, body and spirit with Young Living essential oils, Restorative Yoga and Reiki. We will have a short introduction on Reiki and balancing the Chakras. We will discuss and learn about the benefits of using essential oils not only for your yoga practice but our everyday lives. Participants will be guided through a series of poses utilizing various props to relieve your muscles and bones of their roles of support and action. As your nervous system begins to send and receive fewer messages, layers of tension will melt away bringing you to a state of present moment awareness and deepening your connection to mind, body and spirit. As you connect with the natural rhythms of your body, you will receive Reiki healing and Essential oils aromatherapy to further enhance your state of well being. This subtle, vibrational, energetic healing supports and balances your body, mind and spirit. A unique blend of essentials oils will be incorporated with a soft touch through out your healing journey to soothe, relax and balance your chakras. A balancing chakra roller bottle will be given to each student as a thank you for attending the workshop and you will have the opportunity to sign up to become a member of the Young Living community. A limited supply of essential oils will be available for purchase via cash or check.

Investment for this workshop is $30:  Pre-registration required. 

no purchase necessary of product. Please arrive 15 minutes early to get settled into the space and set up with props.