Weekly Schedule at a glance...

Explanation of the classes:

     Gentle Yoga This Hatha-style class is good for beginners to learn the physical postures or students who prefer a more relaxed style where we move gently and hold some poses longer, often using props such as bolsters, blocks or belts. It includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring peace to the mind and body.

Gentle Yoga for Stress and Anxiety: This class has non-stressful stretching, suitable for everyone. These classes are a great way to wind down from the day but also help those with mobility issues. This sometimes include restorative (healing) practices and breathing.

    All-Levels Vinyasa:  These classes are suitable for everyone with any experience level. You should be familiar with cueing words.  It will offer options for more or less challenging postures. 

   All-Levels Vinyasa Heated: This is the same as "All-Levels Vinyasa" but with a warmer room temperature.  Classes are heated to 83 degrees.  These classes will draw more perspiration so you might want to bring a towel.

   Yoga Power Hour: These classes allow you to explore your own boundaries. Still, everyone is invited, everyone works to their own level with no expectations from the teacher.  Bring your towel!  

   Yin Restorative Yoga: Focusus on restoring and providing balance to your body, mind and spirit as you foster inner awareness and peace. A melding of gentle yoga postures and meditation. You'll be using props such as bolsters, blankets to provide support in the lying or seated postures and longer holds on the mat. This practice  also calms the nervous system and stabilizing the mind.  Suitable for all levels of students.  


9:30 AM All-Levels Vinyasa, 60 Min.  Instructor:  Kris Heffner

5:45 PM  Gentle/Yin Yoga, 60 min. Instructor:  Tina Miller

7:00 PM All-Levels Vinyasa, 60 min. Instructor:  Michelle Mahmood



9:30 AM All-Levels Vinyasa Heated, 60 min. Instructor:  Maryann Zigoris

11:15 AM Yin/Restorative (Gentle) Yoga, 60 min. Instructor:  Brenda Carter

6:30 PM Gentle Yoga, 75 min. Instructor  Joanne Konschak



9:30 AM All-Levels Vinyasa Heated, 60 min. Instructor:  Kris Heffner

6:30 PM All Levels Vinyasa, 60 mins, Instructor:  Tina Miller


6:00 AM All-Levels Vinyasa, 60 min. Instructor:  Michelle Mahmood

(pre-registration suggested)

9:30 AM Yoga Power Hour, 60 min. Instructor:  Jana Kent-Dewald

11:15 AM Gentle Yoga, 60 min. Instructor:  Carol Custer

5:45 PM  Gentle Yoga for Stress and Anxiety 60 min. Instructor:  Marcela Kraft

7:00 PM All-Levels Vinyasa, 60 mins  Instructor:   Maryann Zigoris



9:30 AM All-Levels Vinyasa, 75 min.  Instructor:  Brenda Carter



8:15 AM Yoga Power Hour, 60 min. Instructor:  Kendra Pienieck

10:00 AM All-Levels Vinyasa, 60 min.  Instructor: Dean Zigoris



11:00 AM All-Levels Vinyasa, 60 min.  Instructor:  Tina Miller

(time changed from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM effective 1/1/2019)


*****Schedule updated 6/9/2019

Please note, schedule is subject to change with substitute teachers, see Mindbody tab labeled "Schedule" for the most up to date changes.